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Chain Link Fencing Types & How They Are Most Often Used

vinyl fences jacksonville fl If you are looking at different fence styles for your home, chain link fencing is a great option. One of the reasons you may like it is how care-free the maintenance is. Another is how sturdy it is. Or, it could be because it's a very affordable fencing material. One thing to know is that there are different types of chain link fences. And among those types, there are still more options. So how do you know what may work best for you, and how to choose a professional to install one? Our Jacksonville, FL fencing company would like to share a little information about the different types of chain link fences and how they are used most often in our area. First, there's the standard residential chain link fence.

Standard Residential Chain Link Fencing

A standard four or five-foot chain link fence is very common in residential neighborhoods. This fence is usually tall enough to keep pets in and protect the children. There are other heights in residential chain link available from 3 ft on up and there are different kinds of height extenders available too. You see very tall residential chain link fences on properties bordering dear territory as well as homes with a tennis or basketball court.

Chain Link Privacy Fence With Razor Wire Top

Chain link privacy fences are topped with razor wire for security and protection. This type of fence usually protects utility power substations and other commercial property. In this example, the razor wire is looped over and over again and attached to the top of the fence. Other styles of razor wire and barbed wire fence tops are available including straight and wire mesh.

Chain Link Hurricane Fence & Cyclone Fence

High chain link fences are often referred to as a hurricane fence or cyclone fence. This is because the chain link fence lets air and water pass through during high winds and storm surges. This is the perfect fence option in hurricane-prone areas. They are also popular because the fence is cheaper to build than other styles.

High-Quality Chain Link Fencing

The quality of a chain link fence varies, so a heavier gauge galvanized style costs a little more than the standard gauge would. Another option in chain link fencing is the vinyl coated fencing. The vinyl cyclone fence is metal chain link with a layer of PVC coating. It is low maintenance, great looking, high-quality fencing.

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