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4 Common Fence Problems That Require Repairs

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When you're completing home improvements for your Saint Augustine home, don't forget to check on your fence. Regardless of the material of your fence, it will eventually fall apart because of lack of maintenance, harsh weather conditions, and pests, necessitating fence repairs from a trusted fence company.

You need your fence to remain in good condition because a damaged fence reduces privacy and security on your property.

Missing Pickets or Boards

When replacing missing pickets or boards, hiring a fence company may be less time consuming than performing the repairs yourself. Replacing the pickets and boards of a wood fence requires painting or staining them to match the rest of the fence. If large sections of the fence are missing or broken, the entire fence should be replaced.

Leaning or Sagging Fence

A leaning or sagging fence is more than an eye sore. It compromises the privacy and security of your property. This problem is usually difficult to address, and a complete fence replacement is often required. Before repairing or replacing the fence, determine the cause of the leaning or sagging. Factors such as soil conditions, heavy winds, rot, loose fence posts, and impact damage are often the sources of leaning or sagging fences. When the leaning or sagging is minor, installing a tension rod or brace may offer sufficient support. If you can't determine the cause of the leaning, reach out to trained professionals at a fence company.

Mildewed or Stained Fence

Fences are susceptible to excess moisture, mold, and mildew, but staining your wood fence will protect it. If your fence has persistent stains from dirt and mildew, consider using a pressure washer to eliminate them.

Insect or Rot Damage

If you have a wood fence, you've probably battled with damage caused by termites and rot. The extent of the problem will determine if you require a simple fence repair or a complete replacement. If a termite-infested fence is near your home, address the problem as soon as possible because the pests may enter your home eventually.

Fences are attractive outdoor features that enclose your Saint Augustine property while providing security and privacy, but they can pose problems if neglected. If a fence problem appears to be too complex, don't hesitate to contact an experienced fence company like Indian Head Fence LLC.

If you are interested in fence repairs from the professionals at our Jacksonville fence company, please call Indian Head Fence, LLC at 904-655-7465 or complete our online request form.

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